Nathan Roberts' Family

I’m Nathan Roberts, a product design lead at Experian focused on innovation. Before Experian, I led the Interaction Design team at Oakley focused on oakley.com’s e-commerce platform, marketing experiences and native mobile apps like Radar Pace, Mad Science and Surf Report.

I’m most invested when I’m building something meaningful for people that creates positive impact. I enjoy working with others, not in a silo. I get excited about technology and using it to improve our everyday lives.

I have an incredible family – I’m a proud dad! My wife and I married 10 years(!!!) ago. Together we have three kids: Abram 👦, Hazel 👧 and Maren 👧.

Fun fact: My favorite foods are shaped like a triangle. Right now I’m obsessed with mastering the art of pizza making at home. 🍕

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