Radar Pace

Oakley and Intel partnered to create Radar Pace, a real-time voice activated coaching system leveraging sensor-driven eyewear and your iOS or Android smartphone. I worked with Intel’s New Devices Group UI/UX team to whiteboard ideas, create prototypes, conduct user research, present findings to stakeholders and iterate on UI/UX for Radar Pace on iOS and Android platforms. My primary role was to ensure the overall digital experience and visual design of the app met Oakley’s standards for product design.

What I learned

  • We got too far into the design before we put the product in front of people for feedback. Prototype as early as possible.
  • Most of the user research we did later on was in a board room. Testing prototypes with users in the intended environment provides more accurate feedback and drives clearer insights. This give us meaningful data to take action on, leading to a more focused product. This did happen later, but after the product was nearly built, costing time and money when iterating.
  • The product shipped later than intended because so many features were mandated into the launch. Launching with a MVP would have shortened the development timeline, brought us to market earlier and afforded us validated learning for future iterations.

Download it on Google Play or the App Store.

Here’s a snapshot of some early sketches, whiteboard sessions, prototypes and screens that shipped.

Early Whiteboards Early Whiteboards Sign Up Screen Plan Plan Profile

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