Text for Credit

Text for Credit lets users pre-qualify and apply for credit starting with a text message. These few screens are part of a larger exploration demonstrating the user experience of someone texting for credit.

I’m working with the product owner and other subject matter experts to test our assumptions about this product. We’re currently interviewing people and exposing them to examples of calls to action, then running them through a live demo on their device. The live demo is being built on the prototype I designed.

During user interviews, we took notes on stickies. Afterwards, we posted them on boards to review the discussion, draw insights from the notes and group them into themes. We take these themes and determine the best way to incorporate them into the product.

Here’s a snapshot of the boards with our notes and some of the screens in the core user flow. Another designer on the team is using these screens as a foundation for building additional screens.

Data synthesis Screens Screens Screens

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